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The Canadian Highways Network needs your support to help grow and continuously improve the services we deliver. Your donation, sponsorship or gift will help enable us to provide drivers with the quality highway update services we all need.

To make a tribute or memorial gift, send your gift with a note specifying the honoree’s name and information. Include a photo if you would like that shared on the Memorial Wall too. Stories about their life are also welcome. 

Corporate support comes in two forms: Gifts and Sponsorships. Corporate gifts are cash donations, whereas sponsorships are donations of cash, services, or goods made to the The Canadian Highways Network to help cover the costs for specific campaigns or events.

Corporate Giving

Your company can play an important part in shaping the future of The Canadian Highways Network and how drivers find information on highway conditions in our province. By making a gift to The Canadian Highways Network, companies can gain exposure and give back to the communities that support their business.

Donations  & Gifts

Gifts of cash, checks, and credit card payments are welcome in all sizes.

Contact us to learn how you can invest in the future of drivers or use the donation form on this page.



A Tribute or Memorial gift is a generous and thoughtful way of honoring the memory and accomplishments of a loved one or recognizing and commemorating a special person or occasion. When you make a tribute or memorial gift to The Canadian Highways Network, we will feature your gift on our online platforms and the Memorial Wall on our website.

Tribute and Memorial Gifts

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