Even More Testimonials...

Looking for more Testimonials about The Canadian Highways Network groups written by members themselves? You are in the right place! We're like a big family - always looking out for each other. Do you live in 'the boonies?' Then this network is for you too. 


'Excellent! I count on this site a lot as the Highways department never has updated info on their sites.'
~Marsha M.
'A million thanks - I'm not sure what I would do without this group. I drive 4X a week from Ontario to Winnipeg and check it daily. Thank you!'
~Carla B..
'It's valuable to hear updates from people who are actually out on the highway. Good job!.'
~Darlene J.
'Very happy with this group. So helpful!'
~Bonnie B.
'Awesome! 11/10!'
~Alex D.
'Great idea for a support group! I have told my family & friends. Thanks for doing this!'
~Edith S.
'I'm new to your group and love your site!'
~Lori F.
'Very accurate road and weather conditions. Thanks to whoever got this group up and running!!'
~Rick C.
'I don't know what we'd do without this group in the winter.'
~Tony R..