Members who join the network often let us know what they think. They get information fast and can share concerns about our highways quickly, in any province and that is impressive! Our Testimonials speak for themselves - have a look and feel free to email yours to


'A million thanks - I'm not sure what I would do without this group. I drive 4X a week from Ontario to Winnipeg and check it daily. Thank you!'
~Carla B..
'Excellent! I count on this site a lot as the Highways department never has updated info on their sites.'
~Marsha M.
'It's valuable to hear updates from people who are actually out on the highway. Good job!.'
~Darlene J.

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'Very happy with this group. So helpful!'
~Bonnie B.
'Awesome! 11/10!'
~Alex D.
'Great idea for a support group! I have told my family & friends. Thanks for doing this!'
~Edith S.
'I'm new to your group and love your site!'
~Lori F.
'Very accurate road and weather conditions. Thanks to whoever got this group up and running!!'
~Rick C.
'I don't know what we'd do without this group in the winter.'
~Tony R..

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