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Manitoba Storm Spotter - Jordan Carruthers

Hi! I am Jordan Carruthers aka. Manitoba Storm Spotter, I am a Storm Chaser based out of Portage La Prairie, Manitoba.

I spend my summers chasing severe weather all over Canada and the USA. I first became interested in severe weather and tornados on June 22nd 2007, when Canada's first and only F5 tornado hit the town of Elie, MB. The reason this sparked my interest is because I could not believe the amount of damage and chaos this tornado had caused and I wanted to learn more about tornados; how they form, what signs to look for, and how to escape them if need be. the more I studied and learned about these beasts of nature, the more I wanted to experience witnessing one in real life, so I began my storm chasing journey.

It started off with me just going out driving around and watching radar when I knew there was a storm coming and quickly grew into a full time passion. I started my Facebook page in 2013 as a way for me to share my photos and videos with the public and to try to warn the public when there was dangerous weather nearby. My page has now grown to almost 16,000 followers and I am beyond grateful for where it has taken me.

My Team now consists of 3 dedicated Storm Chasers ( Adam Young, Bill Carruthers and myself). All 3 of us are trained and certified in Emergency First Aid and CPR which gives us the ability to help out if we are the first on scene after disaster strikes.

Last year we began offering Storm Chasing Tours, where guests could book a trip to come storm chasing in my vehicle. I was not sure if it would become successful or not, but my page instantly blew up with people wanting to know more info and to book trips. I only did one chase last year with no guests! Our Canadian Chases run around $250, and go almost daily from June-August. You can book a spot by emailing us at

This May we have our first ever Tornado Alley Tour, where we will be taking guests for 12 days starting May 17th, chasing storms across southcentral USA. We will be Joined by Artur Pyzalski from Shear wx Severe Weather Chasers ( we still have 1 seat available for that trip - if you are interested in booking a seat please message us on our facebook page, or email us

Last summer we also became a part of where we have the ability to live stream our chases. Our fans have the ability to track our whereabouts, watch our livestream, and communicate with us during our chases. This is a great website to keep an eye on during storm season because when we are chasing, we are not always available to post updates on Facebook. You can also head over to their Facebook Page for up to date weather warnings, watches, and information!

I have added a few of my favourite shots from 2017. I hope you enjoy and I hope to see some of you this summer!

~Jordan Carruthers, Manitoba Storm Spotter.

August 8th 2017, Birtle, MB

August 8th, 2017, Moosomin, SK

July 2017, Dundonald, MB

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