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Meet Cam Farr - Network Moderator to our Highways Groups

Cam Farr reporting in from Minnedosa, Manitoba!

I’m 39 years old and own my own DJ business; Superstar Music Services; since 2002.

I love music and computers and am learning the new Crave website and app so I can better monitor my FB pages.

I used to be a store clerk at Frontier Trading in Minnedosa which sells used items. They also employ people with disabilities and have helped me get my DJ start as well.

In addition to moderating the Manitoba and Saskatchewan highway groups, I also co-run;

I always wanted to be in charge of something or at least help out. Being an admin/moderator has its ups and downs and I've realized that you’re not going to please everyone. I am a Winnipeg Jets fan and I enjoy interacting with people. Join us in one of the groups by clicking on the links. I'll see you there! ***The Canadian Highways Network is so grateful for Cam's dedication to our highway groups. He is an incredible Moderator, encouraging drivers across Canada to support each other and share information that keep us all safe. He is a helpful presence in every group he is a part of. Thanks, Cam! We appreciate you. Join The Canadian Highways Network FREE:

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